Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Eeek! A Mouse!

Oh crud, crud, crud... it was bad enough finding out we had a mouse in the house... That was hardly a surprise given that S's bedroom qualifies as a biohazard. How to get rid of the varmint was my issue.

It was recommended that I get glue traps because a. mice have a strong homing instinct and b. they are clever enough to work themselves out of a standard trap (Thank you Sydney and Jane!) Today, I bought the traps, moved the offending furniture in the kitchen that we believed it was hiding out behind... (Ok.. I was blaming S but really the rodent is in the kitchen where it can eat the dog's food... She really needs to clean that bedroom anyway!) I cleaned the area out... and set the trap that conveniently came preloaded with a couple of seeds of some sort... I threw a couple of pieces of dog food on it just for good measure. I then went back to watch SVU... half an hour later, I got curious... and yes I know that is silly to think that I would have been successful so soon, but hope springs eternal and all that!

My hope has now turned to dread! No trap, no mouse, no dog food... darn! NOW what do I do? I believe it is time to turn this creepy project over to the hubby... hopefully he will endeavor to find my trap before something bad happens... Oh and no! Neither the dog nor the cat have a glue trap attached to them.. Yuck, gross, darn!

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