Sunday, July 31, 2005

Vacation -- Day 1

As expected things are starting off with a bang. Kids were snarky and splashy this morning in the pool so I got out... When kids went to take showers and in-laws ran out for errands, I tried to entice hubby by suggesting that he watch me skinny dip. I was met with the reply of, "Can't you see I am trying to make a sandwich!? I am TRYING TO RELAX!" Not wanting to burden anyone else in the house, I went to re-hook up my father-in-law's wireless network. (Since he undid everything last winter when we bought him a new computer). When I got that set up and running smoothly again he went upstairs and UNHOOKED IT!!!!! It seems he had some online banking which he feels can only be accomplished from the old broken down machine that we bought the new computer to replace. Day one and I am ready to give up already.

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