Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another day, another failure

Let's see.

I got to go to the DMV (Secretary of State here in IL) and get the car registration sticker which never showed up

Go to the bank to make a deposit. Sounds easy but the brainiacs at the branch closed the only window and then sent every one waiting in line to the business windows. It took twice as long.

Hit the Jewel and the fruit market to pick up vital supplies

Picked the kids up from school

Ran to the pet store to to get dog food and cat litter

Go home and help the kids with homework.

Put away groceries

Prep soup stock for later in the week, start chili for the kids lunches, cut up fruit so they are ready for kids lunches and snacks

Clean the fridge throwing out all of the old rotten food.. I even went so far as to clean the bottom shelf that gets all the nasty stuff dripped on it.

I asked the kids to clean out the litter box. This got me yelled at by both children and a temper tantrum from the Angel since she had to exert herself beyond her normal slackerness. Her homework was done, right? After putting up with this crap and sending her up to clean her room. I put on my headphones to block out the sounds of Kim Possible and continue on with my tasks.

Hubby came home. Popped in to say hi then went upstairs for 25 minutes to change and chat with the kids. He then came downstairs huffing and puffing because he needed to take more than an instant to get my attention. THIS FROM A MAN WHO PICKS UP THE PHONE AND CALLS OTHER PEOPLE WHEN I AM TALKING TO HIM. Frankly, I think this takes balls of brass. I then got a lecture on how I should be available to talk with him when he comes home.

Be available for me when I want you. and bugger off the rest of the time is the way I read this.

Is it really a surprise from this attitude that they children are oh soooo respectful of me? Yeah. I thought not.

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Chicka said...

Learn that roundhouse! Then use it on him. (Is it in the air? TFB has been acting all PMS-y lately again, too.)