Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I have a bad, bad blogger lately

This month has been exceptionally busy.

At the beginning of the month I went to Virginia Beach for my grandmother's 98th birthday. It was wonderful seeing her and my aunts and cousins. And we have begun to think about ways to celebrate her 100th. We have a bit of time!

Last week, My college roommate Amy came into town with her husband (who ran the Chicago Marathon) and her two beautiful little girls. That week we hung out with them and ran les filles to all of their extracurriculars. Whew. Include 3 basketball games into the mix including one that the Angels team actually won!

We were exhausted.

Over the weekend, we decided to get away from it all

We checked into a hotel for a little R&R. It was nice just to be able to hang out, read and chat with les filles. I got to chat with the Angel about some of the things that she has been worried about. Her petit ami has broken off their relationship. She has been very hurt and confused, especially since he broke up with her at least 6 times at the beginning of their association. I have barred his email and IMs to her since he used very bad language and words that should never be connected with a daughter of mine in an email I intercepted.

Hmmmm what next.

Went to see Paul McCartney last night. Sang "Hey Jude" with him and 20,000 others. I love that song. And it was funny to see how many of those songs I know. We had a great time!

And finally on the new news front, I have reconnected with my senior high prom date! I was so glad to find him. I have mentioned him to my girls whenever I force them to watch the King and I with me... (we saw Yul Brenner in King at Kleinhan's Music Hall in Buffalo, NY) or whenever I see something with Richard Burton (we might have snuck into a dress rehearsal for Camelot at the O'Keefe in Toronto) His folks were always trying to get us culture as you can see! But we were friends through junior and senior high and I am so glad that I might get a chance to see him again! I found him through his blog! So now I guess we can catch up on each other's lives this way too!

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