Saturday, February 11, 2006

Basketball News

Another Saturday, Another set of basketball games....

Imelda's team lost by one point to the Angles.... (ok, it was the Angels but it was written on our schedule as the Angles... and I can't help but be amused by it). This was the first time there was a male and female coach... And for some reason, I was obsessed by them..

They just seemed soooo earnest... it was cute.

The next game was not as much fun. The Angel was playing in the YMCA league. This is an allegedly co-ed league. By this I mean, our team is co-ed and the rest of the other teams aren't. This of course, brings out the worst behavior in our teams boys. Suddenly there is no passing to the girls and each and every boy feels that he is Michael Jordan at a free-throw shooting contest.

Oh and did I mention that several of these boys were half a head taller than the Angel? For a league of 8-12 year olds.... a 5'7" 12 year old boy stands out. The Angel is tall for her age... my assumption is that any boy taller than her is OLDER.

Luckily, the Angel can grab a ball out of thin air and knows who to pass to.... but it all added up to a big loss for our team. It is demoralizing to see her work so hard then lose 10-36. And fabulous sportsmanship they are teaching at the other Y.... Did they pull the giant players when they were up by 20? Heck no!


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