Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Homework Blues

Why am I the enforcer when it comes to homework actions?

I now have the reason:

The Angel (more like a Fallen Angel currently) would just as soon take a zero on a report than do it. Oh, and who's responsibility is it that she failed to get it done? You guessed it! MINE!

It is also my fault that she can't find her vocab book, that she lost her tae kwon do belt in December, etc., etc.

I have pointed out that perhaps her time would be better spent getting homework done instead of talking on the phone and IMing friends. She is more clever than I though...

I guess she is just one of those kids that has to learn everything the hard way...

But I doubt that she will ever fully appreciate her own complicity in her unhappiness.

Zero on the report=no trip to the mall.... it seems simple and direct. But I am just not getting through.



Lorraine said...

Oh my lord, my question exactly. The lack of responsibility, losing stuff thing I get. The blaming maman, not so much. She wants to be independent and do it all herself (pretty much since birth) but man, if there is a mess up it's all on me. And why doesn't it help when the teacher says, "Oh, that is so age appropriate". Is there comfort in knowing that this push-me-pull-you stuff is NORMAL? Only a little bit.

Anonymous said...

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