Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thirteen Things about Maman

1. This weekend is my birthday

2. My birthday is the same day as the Superbowl

3. I will be 40

4. It is Superbowl 40

5. Everytime I see that XL I want to scream

6. I am always depressed the week before my birthday...

7. This is worse... since it is a big birthday

8. People in my family either drop dead before they are sixty or live forever...

9. My grandmother is 98

10. She has outlived 3 of her children and 3 husbands and several grandchildren

11. 2 of the 3 children died before 60.

12. Sixty for me is 20 years away...

13. I am not sure which option is lucky and am frightened either way.

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mamazilla said...

think of it this way...
you're just celebrating your 21st birthday for the 19th time.
that's gonna be my story anyway! :)

i really hope you enjoy your birthday. you should really go out with a bunch of friends and throw it down - it's your day, dude!!

Norma said...

Quick. Find out what Grandma's been doing that the others weren't. Life is best after 60. Trust me. I remember having 2 teens.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

No use worrying about dieing in 20 years... it could happen at any moment. Soooooo enjoy the day you have! Think about yourself and what you want and go for it! cheers!