Sunday, February 26, 2006

What a flipping week!

I have finally reached the end of this infernal week.

2 tai chi classes (me)
2 tae kwon do classes (both filles)
4 basketball practices (3 for Imelda, one for the Angel)
1 capoeira class (Imelda)
1 volleyball practice (the Angel)
1 additional workout (me)

One basketball game for 4th graders, i.e. Imelda... they lost the last game of the season in the last 10 seconds of the game... it was heartbreaking.

One basketball game parents v. kids for the Y league. This was the Angel's event.

Luckily there is photographic evidence of this sad event. But I am pleased to report that the parents kicked the asses of our children. We were not too proud to use our height advantage. After being trash talked all week, I personally was looking to open a little whoop-ass on the Angel.

This being said, Fun Daddy scored two baskets and I scored one. I also managed to accidently knock the Angel down while trying to steal the ball from her. To say that I received the cold shoulder as a result would be an amazing understatement. The shoulder was Antarctic.

To add insult to injury, the parents won the game 44-30.

Later after the Angel regained some composure and wanted to talk about how poorly I played and how funny I looked I was forced to to point out that I scored more points than she did during the game. Clearly, I can't resist pushing my luck with her.

Then started the volleyball... Well the first match was dismal. The girls didn't even score. They let them play the third period for practice and finally they started to get the hang of it. The first three points were made by the Angel and her killer overhand serve.

The problem for the girls was that they didn't initially have enough players to get them into the 5 grade league... so some six graders were recruited from the 6th grade team. But that required them to play in the sixth grade league. Great, except after this arrangement was made more 5th graders came forward. Now it is an all 5th grade team in a 6th grade league. Their learning curve is going to be a little stiff. But I suspect that they will rise to the occassion. Why? Because of the second volleyball match. They still lost. They were creamed in fact. But they scored more points and stopped hiding and ducking from the ball. The Angel now scored 6 points in aces... ACES! She completely rocked! What an arm! Of course it needs some training, as there were a couple of serves that went wildly awry and into the stands.

These have been my first volleyball matches. So I was a little unprepared but I think I am getting how it works. Plus, I have to say, that I love the audience participation/element of peril that comes with getting biffed in the melon with a stray ball. Watching the girls take their 5 minutes of service practice which is essential whacking the ball over the net at your opponents and innocent bystanders is hysterical.

And then there are the coaches... filling out their rosters walking back and forth without even looking up at the flying balls. It reminded me (oddly enough) of the movie Black Hawk Down. Why? Well in the movie, the new soldiers all kept a look out for bullets and ducked whenever they heard a gunshot. The veterans just kept walking like there was nothing else going on around them. Yes I know it is a strange comparison to make.. but make it I have... So there!

Between all this excitement and then homework, chores, cooking, assorted griping and arguing this week made for one pooped out Maman.

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