Monday, April 24, 2006

Surf's Up!

Ok.... yes I am way far behind on my 50th State blogging... Where did I leave off?

Ahhhh yes.... Surfing!

We met up with Cherry and Erica from Girls Who Surf...We initially stopped at Haleiwa State Park.... but it was decided that the surf there wasn't consistent enough. We then decided to go to White Plains Beach. Wow! So beautiful. We started by carrying out the boards. And then started to learn the basics. How to fall off the board properly, how to jump up on the board (the moment that I realized that I might have a problem) and generally how to time when to stand up on the board. Then we started into the water. I watched my girls head out on their boards. Naturally, I was so taken with this site that I can't pay the slightest bit of attention (That is my story and I am sticking with it... no sniggering from the gallery). Yes, that means, I could not for the life of me drag my ass on to the board. Well, that is not entirely true. I could. but then I immediately capsized. It was kind of funny. Frankly, I was having a blast even if I was getting knocked over and whacked with the board. I watched my girls work themselves on to their board and then up to their knees. And then eventually watched the Angel make it to her feet.

Imelda got discouraged. She really wanted to be better at this then the Angel... She took some time to rest on the beach... I kept telling her that it wasn't a competition. But what can you do? So I would spend time with her instead of trying to get back into the water. When the girls finally pooped out for good, I thought that I would make a run for it.. Erica came in to help me... and eventually I figured out how to stay on the board without capsizing (sorry, I keep using this word specifically, since I felt completely off balance like I was in a canoe....I am going to blame my boobs... ) Erica and Cherry too, were both very supportive and encouraging. I paddled out. Practiced holding my body up as I pushed forward into the waves. Then Erica helped me turn my board around and pushed me into the wave.

I have to tell you it was amazing. There I was. Old, fat, uncoordinated, watching my nubile young daughters frolicing in the waves, but at that moment... I felt like Gidget. The spray was in my face and I felt that I was moving so fast. Although the things that I normally fear when I am in the ocean disappeared.

Of course, this means that now I have to keep up these muscles that I forgot that I have and keep them up. Maybe we will continue our education when we are out east this summer... I definitely want to try again.

Once again, I really need to thank Cherry and Erica at Girls Who Surf. If you are ever on Oahu and want to learn to surf, I heartily recommend them. So many of the surf schools seemed very dude oriented. This is not to say that the girls can't hold their own with the dudes. You can just see that they can. But they are completely relateable if you are a 64 year old man who is trying to surf the first time (and was better than me, I will add), an 11 year old girl who finds all athletics easy and enjoyable, a 9 year old girl who over came some fear but really wanted to surf because she read all about Bethany Hamilton or a 40 year old, fat chick who wishes she had tried so many things earlier....

Mahalo Surf Chicks!


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