Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sorry about that

The lack of posting I mean.

Things have been kind of sucky at Chez Des Filles. With a capital S.

Things have been tenuous with the Angel. She has been going through what I would call an awkward stage. It is really a little funny... Someone recently asked me if I thought that she would go through an awkward stage... And now I can honestly say, "Yes". It isn't what I expected though.

The Angel's version requires her to tell me, "Screw You!" at every conceivable moment. I mean she tells me this LITERALLY. She doesn't do her homework because she can't live up to mine and Fun Daddy's brainy pasts. (Fun Daddy is the real brain in the family... my grades were based on consistent work). She watches what she eats and skips meals. Makes pointed remarks to everyone else about how we should follow her example. Ignores everything that everyone says to her. Doesn't do her chores but then criticizes us for being lazy. Throws all her clean clothes on the floor but claims that she has nothing to wear.

Needless to say everyone here has been absolutely freaking miserable.

But the good news is that we are making some progress with her! And I hope we are on a roll now to make things better around here.

And sorry to Jim... You have been so good to me and I didn't want to spoil your birthday with the crap going on around here!

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Sleeping Mommy said...

Aye yi yi! Hope things level off soon. I'm not looking forward to that age with my three and knowing my luck they will hit it all at once.

Just keep telling yourself, "This too shall pass."