Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Do you see the connection?

I got lazy today.. I drove the family all over the world, dropped off lights and mirrors to the house, went to school and supervised children and grownups alike... tried to keep ladies that decorate the altar from running over school children, dealt with whining 14 year old boys complaining about the loss of their toys, helped kids with homework, took them to the park, walked the dog, played a chauffeur (not on t.v. but I didn't get paid so bleh) so I decided not cook tonight.

I took the kids to Subway.

As we walked in, a lady stopped Imelda and said, "Do you watch that show, Medium?" Imelda stopped and stared... luckily, I jumped in and said, "I LOVE that show!" "I am sure you have heard it before," the lady said to me, "But your daughter looks like that girl!"

I don't know... You tell me?

1 comment:

Poppy Cede said...

It's the nose. Otherwise, nope.