Saturday, May 19, 2007

In Memorium

We reached the end of the road with Barney this afternoon. This morning he looked like this. Wasn't able to walk. Didn't want to eat. We have been watching him for a while. His age has been catching up with him. He has seemed arthritic. Sleepy.

But over the last week or so, he has been dropping weight at an alarming weight. We tried tempting him with tasty morsels which initially seemed to tempt him.

But not this morning.

Even mes filles, who have been fighting the inevitable, gave in this morning and begged me to take poor Barney to the vet and end his suffering.

So with a heavy heart I called the vet this morning. Made an appointment for this afternoon.

The Angel said her goodbyes. She couldn't stand to go.

Imelda came with Fun Daddy and I as we wrapped Barney in a blanket and took him on his final journey.

Until the end, Barney complained about the car ride and even tried to escape from the vet's table. Luckily the Doctor caught him, since he was going to hit the floor awkwardly. He had lost that kitty litheness. They weighed him. 9lbs. We were horrified. This was a cat that was once nearly 20 pounds.

The vet agreed with our assessment. Told us that he probably had diabetes or kidney failure. That that was what usually happened to really old pussy cats. And explained to us how it would work.

They took Barney to the back and inserted a catheter into his front leg and then brought him back to us until the Doctor was ready. When she did arrive, Imelda quickly said her goodbyes and turned away. She stayed in the room though. She was very brave. Fun Daddy and I stayed at the table and patted Barney until the drugs were fully injected.

It was very peaceful.

At the end, Barney gave a sigh.... and then was gone.

We stayed with him a few more minutes saying our personal goodbyes and crying.

He was a good kitty.

We are going to miss him.

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Chicka said...

Oh I'm so sorry. I've been through similar situations more times than I care to count.