Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Teaching old dogs new tricks

That's right! Cinnamon is going back to school!

We have to decided to see what we can do to combat the crap that the fucktard neighbors, the Schmitts, throw our way. (This morning there was a mysterious chicken bone in the front yard...they are evil bastards)

Enter, Jeff Millman and WatchandTrain.com. He came to the house today and showed us some ways to distract and redirect our sweet pooch so that she will be less effected by the stupidity that goes on a round her neighborhood. Yeah!

Better yet, on his website, Watch and Train.com you can watch a video to learn the tools to help you guide your pooch to a more tranquil relationship with the world around him.

I have been stunned by how quickly Cinnamon responded to training and am excited to be finally find a way to de-Mope her.

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