Saturday, July 28, 2007

Craft Panel

Her inspiration:

girl scouts, junior achievement and marijuana


She spoke about her fetish for googly eyes... how her father recently visited and and wanted peanuts.. but they all had googly eyes on them... so he ate them... but picked the eyes off for her to use again

Amy was curious how the professional crafters price their items...

And she sells cupcakes and cheese balls out of her apartment... cupcakes run $1.50 apiece. She is sure that she is losing money... but she enjoys it. She likes to have something to do at 3:00 and it is very individual...they are individual presents...

The money that she makes from the cupcakes goes to support her rabbit. and is essentially his allowance.

She sells her cupcakes at Joe's Coffee.. she loves the old pokes that they put into cupcakes. But the old ones... so she looks around for them... or makes her own... which she felt that were pathetic but it gave her something to do...

Also Amy was looking for help pricing fake cakes, hand cream and wands... when asked what the cream smelled like.. Her response? Heaven!

Oh and the woman who sat next to me at the panel told me that I looked way too young to have a 12 year old daughter! Yeah me!

Please note: we are all supposed to make a project with googly eyes and post it on our blogs...

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