Friday, July 13, 2007

Have people lost their minds?

over the last couple of weeks, friends have sent me these videos from Funny or Die. Both feature the innocent and adorable Pearl.

In the first video, Pearl plays the vicious and foul-mouthed landlord to Will Ferrel. You can see in the video that she is being distracted by the plants and stones on the porch and by her mother who is off camera. She is clearly repeating anything that she is told to say... It is hysterical.

The Landlord

Why? Because I remember by folks trying to get my brother to say things.. and I know Fun Daddy and I did the same thing with our girls... Were we harmed by this activity? No. and neither is Pearl.

Good Cop, Baby Cop

During the second video, you can see more awareness in little Pearl's eyes. For this reason I am guessing, Pearl's parents announced her retirement.

We all got to enjoy Pearl's antics while she was too young to remember them.. No harm or foul, right?

Well sadly, pundits got their hands on Pearl and fussed.

What is wrong with them? Have they lost their minds completely? or just their sense of humor?

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