Friday, August 10, 2007

In the Bag

I saw this over at Her Bad Mother. What is in your purse (or bag, backpack or pocket book, depending on your preference)? No matter what is in your bag, it is a peek into your life and your mindset.

Here is my purse:

And here are the contents:
1. Note Pad stolen from a Ramada Inn...
2. Bank Envelope - empty.
3. Business cards
4. the little packet I got from the Motherhood at Blogher... now contains my business cards printed at Blogher as well as some of the cards accumulated there
5. Fun Daddy's keys
6. My change purse that doesn't hold any change
7. Pens that I collect so I can lay my hand on at least one pen in the house...
8. Assorted cash that didn't find its way back where it belonged
9. My id/credit card pack
10. Expired Starbucks card.. or more accurately, used.
11. My current Borders Reward card... I read too much
12. Girlie barrett ("Mom? Can you hold this?"
13. Mother's day a al 4 years ago
14. Pocket mirror from Blogher
15. Kotex (as I explain to the Angel, it is important to be prepared)
16. Stamps that will (allegedly) never go bad
17. Envelope that holds the rest of my booty...
18. Insurance card
19. Skeleton key from the original house.. I grabbed it from the bathroom lock before we decamped... now finds itself attached to the orange envelopes closure magnet
20. Cover to my flash drive used to spy on my kids internet usage...
21. Massager cover...
22. Wet naps
23. Assorted receipts
24. Cover to bottled water
25. Imelda's earring
26. Cheerleading ribbon
27. Clean, but schmushed napkin
28. Lip balm... raspberry from Burt's Bees
29. New lip balm I bought not realizing that lip balm 28 was there
30. Advil -- not the magical liquicaps but the candy coated brown ones that the girls can manage to swallow
31. Corkscrew
32. My keys
33. Pony tail holders
34. Assorted change
35. My phone/pda
36. List as 35 again because I am an idiot... a paper clip. Why? who the hell knows
37. A nerd
38. My home alarm remote.

Yes a giant pile... and was met by my husband's comments of "what are you doing that for? You are on vacation, people are waiting for you to do other things!"

Feel free to ask what is in the change purse... I am currently reminded at this very moment.

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