Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm IT!

Thanks Chicka! Ahhh, what a great honor it is to be tagged by a woman such as Chicka! It makes my heart sing.

I do have a question though... which middle name to use... my legal one? or my old one...

I have pondered this question and come to the conclusion that my best choice is to go with the shorter of the two... but really this is less out of laziness and more out of the repetitive nature of the letters in the other....

So here it goes!

The rules were as follows:

Write a post using each letter of your middle name, describing something relevant to your life. Tag the same amount of people as you have letters in your name.

M -- Moody... yes, I am a moody bitch. Bite me. I got a lotta stuff going on and my fair share of baggage to go with it. Take it or leave it.

A -- Arcane. I know the weirdest stuff. You might even call me a dork. and god knows plenty have. Movies, history, music, some literature, cooking, geography... there is a reason that I write GastroNerds too.

R -- Resourceful. Yes, I can figure out how to jigger a recipe, an electronics system and almost anything else to work for me. I am one of those people that can open a virtually empty pantry and cook a nice dinner... (of course it helps that I have managed to convince les filles to eat almost anything!)

I -- Idiots. I despise dealing with them. And by idiots I don't mean those poor souls with IQs below 20... I mean people who for one reason or another insist on ignoring rules, laws, obligations, etc. that should be obvious...

E -- Epicurean... Yes, I enjoy and know alot about food and wine but I am also an ethical epicurean in that I believe that justice is part of a social contract... A live and let live philosophy... Crazy man!

Oh kay... That was alot harder than I thought it would be....

Lets see who to tag next... Hmmm, Poppy, Dr. Randy, Jim (Butters will help!), Sweet Pea, The Feral Mom

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