Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Well that explains his ignorance

Ever try to get away without reading the assigned book in school? Ever try to substitute reading the Cliff Notes instead?

Did you really understand the book? I am guessing the answer was a big N.O.

I think this mini interview with Chris Matthews explains alot...


Oct. 8, 2007 issue - Chris Matthews tends to show little patience for politicians on TV, but as he writes in his new book, "Life's a Campaign," he's learned a lot from them. One of the big lessons? The power of listening. NEWSWEEK's Susannah Meadows took note.

I would not have expected you, the hostus interruptus of "Hardball," to have an appreciation for listening.
It was the way Bill Clinton got girls, and he taught it to his wife as a way to get votes. Another one of these rich ironies. My mistake in the old days was drinking with girls and saying how great I was.

You write about your failed run for Congress when you were 28. Might you give it another go someday?
I would admire myself if I did.

That doesn't sound like a no.
Old dreams die hard. But I like doing what I do. I'm able to express myself without constituency worries, which make you boring.

Speaking of which, are there still heroes in politics?
I see a lot of confection. I watch a real pro, for example, Hillary Clinton. I watch how well she puts together political calculation. She leaves me impressed but not inspired.

Machiavelli is another person you've learned from.
Lee Atwater told me to go read the Cliffs Notes of "The Prince." (emphasis mine) He says to inflict pain quickly. And inflict pleasure slowly.

So do you try to inflict pain quickly?
No, but I do give pleasure slowly.

First off, EWWWWW.... Secondly, Is that ALL he got out of The Prince? If it is, Machiavelli is spinning in his grave. He states that political power for its own purposes is NOT acceptable. That the only acceptable end is for the happiness and stabilization of the state. I guess that is what happens when you take any lessons from the guy that launched a generation of Republican blowhards...

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