Monday, December 03, 2007

anatomy of a road trip

I am not sure that FD and I should be allowed to operate a swiftly running vehicle fueled only bypringles, slim jims and diet cokes and mountain dew... we arein New Jersey tho. I am displeased to report that the weather is as cold,wet and snowy as IL. IN. OH. & PÀ were. FUN!


Chicka said...

I'm glad you're at least having a little fun. And if you're eating slim jims, pringles, diet cokes, and mountain dew, you fit right in to NJ.

Maman said...

I am pringles and diet cokes... He is slim jims and diet Mt. Dew... this whole trip sucks though

JayMonster said...

Oh, are you the one that brought in this cold weather? We were doing just fine here until recently ;)