Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Are you creeped out?

So we were out to dinner over the weekend... At David Burke's Primehouse... We were celebrating the birthday of MonAnge... We meant it to be a basic dinner out... but people we knew were there and kept coming over. Eventually, Imelda pooped out.

And because we had drunk just enough wine, we had some fun with it... piling stuff on her. Please not the sweet and calm expression on her face.

And speaking of faces... did you notice the other one? In the lower right quarter of the photo?

Creepy, eh?

It got creepier... when our friend Champagne Rory told us that the cleaning crew won't go into the bathrooms after the restaurant closes.... They hear the cries of children.


Chicka said...

Oooh, cool!

Sam said...

Oh shit that is creepy.