Friday, January 18, 2008

Rock Queen!

Yup that is me! At least after doing this meme that I saw over at Poppy's

The rules were simple enough:

Go to Wikipedia and click 'random article' --the first article title is your band name;
click it again for your album name;
Keep clicking for your album tracks.

Easy Enough...

So here it is:

Band Name: Para Hardy
Album: Finist' air


1. Ljiljana Vukajlovic
2. Griff's Hamburgers
3. The Book of Ruth
4. Evans Lake
5. Effective Renal Plasma Flow (my favorite and yours too, I am sure!)
6. AVC Club Championships (AVC=Asian Volleyball Confederation)
7. Arkansas Impact
8. MEKO 360

I know, you are all saying, "Rock on Maman!"

1 comment:

Poppy Cede said...

You totally are a rock queen. My fav: Arkansas Impact