Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have had the setback already...

Today's Birthday (Feb. 5). You're strong and determined this year, with a tendency to doubt. Setbacks are part of the process, don't worry about them. Keep on keeping on. You'll win.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Today is an 8. You're gaining confidence as you continue to check items off your lists. Schedule a romantic evening to celebrate.

Who I share a birthday with:

Laura Linney
Michael Mann
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Barbara hershey
Stephen J. Cannell
Charlotte Rampling
Christopher Guest
Dwight L. Moody (of the Moody Bible Institute)
Belle Starr (outlaw)
André Citroën (inventor, manufacturer)
Adlai Stevenson
John Carradine (
Hank Aaron
William S. Burroughs
Stuart Damon
Jane Bryant Quinn
Tim Meadows
Bobby Brown

I am guessing that none of them (that are still alive, that is...) vomited on themselves this morning...

This means that the day can only improve, right?

eh, at least I voted already and am blogging from bed.


Busy Mom said...

Joyeux anniversaire!

Chicka said...

Being sick for your birthday sucks big, hairy rocks. Feel better soon, k?

Happy Birthday, my friend (and fellow Aquarian).