Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Weather and other reports

when they say 3-6 does that mean that we will get another 2 inches? Or another 3-6 inches?

I am back from picking up Imelda from volleyball.

MonAnge is working on the dishes that were left in the sink for me to deal with today (Happy birthday to me!) and now they are working on getting themselves a snack.

Now I need to figure out is going on with Fun Daddy, he is being interviewed by Champagne Rory (not for the great blogger experiment, but a GSB project)... then, well, he will prolly stop for drinks. So now I need to find out if he is planning to be home for dinner, whether he expects that dinner be prepared and waiting for him when he arrives or whether he will be eating out. His schedule is still ver up in the air.


Why does it take so much work on my part to be helpless...

And please remember this the next time someone says that I should take time for myself... because here is the issue:


I am on my own.


maybe if I cry it will loosen the mucous in my head...

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