Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why I hate 7th grade

7th grade sucks.

And how do I know this? I was in 7th grade once. (No that picture is not me at 28... just 12) And I was unpopular as hell. And because of that I was the object or scorn or just outright ignored. It was lonely and depressing.

I always thought it was because I was dressed like I was much older, wasn't allowed to wear the ruffled shirts that other girls wore (because mom thought the ruffles would draw attention to my breasts as if they could somehow be ignored or minimized) and I wasn't allowed to the things the other girls did...

I thought that by allowing MonAnge to fit in, wear the same clothes, do the same kinds of things that the other girls do we could avoid this. It turns out not to be the case.

Here are the problems MonAnge is experiencing:

Her MySpace Page was hacked. How do I know this? In the last post that she is listed as having made... is full of information that MonAnge would have none was completely insane.

Oh, and then came the nasty comments from close "friends"

From her BFF Frieda:

i think im gunna beat u up.
u think u can just do that?
we'll see whos tuff shit once
frieda finds you.
its because ur gay isnt it?
no one does that to my drina.
you wait and see.
im five feet of hell
and you just made my list buddy.
have a wonderful day :]

Charming eh?

But as not as charming as the comments from Drina (oh and the spelling is verbatim):

haha im in love with herr?
i hattte you howss freaking ny?!?
i hateee you i jope your fucking having funn and
never coming back here and smelling the whole freaking chicagoo up!
suck my cokcck and neve comee back and i
never wanna see you in front of me }
and if you have something to say fucking sayy it to my facee
you pussy cat pipssss lickkerrr
stay in ny noone wantss you back
peace out
good day.

I am so glad at the moment that I chose a Catholic education for the girls and that I have let these little miscreants into my home at various times. And I am trying to figure out how stupid you have to be in order to misspell CUNT, which she spelled cunttt.

At least the school is aware of what is going on as I printed all the nasty comments and presented it to the office. Why? Because the internet harrassment wasn't enough for those vicious little reprobates. They are tormenting her at school as well.

I always thought that I was a target for this kind of stupidity because I was such a dork. It turns out that being being popular is no help either.



Poppy Cede said...

And I was so against hitting children before this post...

Tamarra Pettson said...

wow, crazy.

BTW, you were not unpopular in 7th grade, you were very popular, I know this because I was(and am) your friend.


Randy said...

You were never unpopular in school, you just thought that. Get on the god-damned prozac and off this low self esteem crap that we keep seeing here in your blog. And as for your mom and your attire at school, my mother would not let me were jeans to school. I NEVER wore jeans to school until I got to college, where I LIVED in them! So welcome to the club.

As for these kids, tell them to screw, your kids are better than them.

Randy said...

And can ya put this back into English? My fucking French is so rusty. And to think you cheated off me in French class! Or was that Gina?

MMH said...

As we say in our family, "Courage, Camille." Not sure if there ever was a Camille, but this mantra helps in times of trouble. Hate to think what is ahead for my four grandchildren. Glad you took the offending material straight to the school office.
I'll read more of your blog. Have not visited lately. Are you going to blogher in July?