Sunday, March 02, 2008


For some reason Poppy, I think that looks more realistic (or is that surrealistic?)

In Chicago, we have this system in the winter of saving parking spots on side streets by putting materials into the onto the city street in the spot that you have just recently vacated. As I was not born in Chicago, I find this kind of silly and enjoy looking at the assortment of junk set out to save these precious parking spots.

Fun Daddy and I passed this guy sitting on the road and we knew that we had to stop.

It is a plastic begging dog.

Someday, I am planning on creating a collection of my photos of these things.... My favorite to date (for which I have no photo.. GRRRR...) was a walker! Come on people!

STop the madness!

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Poppy Cede said...

wtf?! Is that a real dog?!