Thursday, April 03, 2008

I am a cruel woman

I know. Not exactly a news flash.

But tonight, for my own amusement I played the tv show, Emergency on my computer for the girls to watch. Why on my computer? Because it is on for FREE!!!! Why Emergency? Because Randy Mantooth was one sweet bit of candy.. even if I was just 6 when the show came on.

Nurse Dixie McCall was a smart a sassy career gal who you know got stuck washing the coffee cups in the break room cuz she was the girl.

So, yes, I made the girls watch it with me.

Things that they couldn't understand?

What those glass bottles were that they hung from the IV pole! haha..
Why the girl in the car accident didn't have her air bags go off.. (bitch, please! it was 1972. I don't even think that there were seat belts in that car)
Why didn't they use a cell phone to call the hospital?

Yeah, it was hysterical.


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sourpuss said...

Heh. I remember watching Emergency with my mum when I was a kid. I used to think it was great... I wonder if I'd feel the same today. I guess I'll never know because, living in Canada, I can't watch episodes online. They discriminate against us non-Amurricans!