Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

Things that have crossed my mind while watching The Today Show...

Do you loathe the Naked Brothers Band and their insipid tv show as much as I? I used to think that Polly Draper was the best reason to watch 30 Something... but now, I have come to resent her for spawning these obnoxious imps.

Along those same lines (and not drawn from watching Today at all), why do I have to keep watching Zoey 101? Jamie Lynn Spears is PREGNANT for cripes sake. She really isn't what I want for a roll model for my girls. Can't somebody make her go AWAY? And she isn't even being careful with her body. She was reported on AOL news (yes, I am a loser) that she tried to break up a girl fight at some wild party and got whacked by an elbow in the cheek. Why is the 16 year old pregnant chick going to wild parties? Slutty 101 is what I call it

photo: Steve Jurvetson on Flickr via Wikipedia

Holy hell! They caught a wild cougar in a neighborhood due east of me. And by cougar, I don't mean a sexy woman of a certain age who is picking up hot boy toys. I mean a fucking MOUNTAIN LION. And people last year were upset by coyotes! Hell and damnation! A cougar is a serious danger.

Lastly. These polygamists in Texas. Bitch, don't talk in your Mia Farrow sing-songy voice from Rosemary's Baby and ask why your kids were taken away. You were letting your daughters be raped in church! That is completely grotesque.

Ok... time to try to figure out my html nightmare.

That is all.

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