Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There must be a trick that I am missing

When do I get my pre-partum body control back?

I have a gag reflex with a hair trigger. I always did. Smells, tastes, visuals and touch can set it off. Everything can be fine and then BAM! It is nasty really.

And the line between wretching and full on vomiting is exceptionally thin.

So can someone explain to me how I am supposed to brush my back teeth without hitting the reflex? This is getting to be a big problem. I was just brushing away last night when BAM! there was my dinner in the sink.

Fun Daddy only complains that I don't move the two feet over to the toilet but I can't. Really.

See, now post childbirth, I find that I am virtually enable to vomit without peeing myself. SO this is a double whammy. Moving means that I can't concentrate on holding my pee. Blech.

Mes filles better be nice to me on Mother's Day. Because this situation sucks. And it is all their fault!

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For the Love... said...

If you get that worked out please let me know...I need to know where my bladder control is hidden.