Friday, June 20, 2008

My royal weekend

Not really.

But holy hell, I have just taken an assessment of my weekend plans and apparently I have missed my calling.

Tonight I will be attending a birthday party for this dude.

His Royal Highness, Grand-Duc Henri of Luxembourg.

I plan to be wearing a dress that looks like a giraffe and enjoy wine, waffles and "official" birthday cake whilst listening to a most pleasing style of jazz.

At least that is what the invitation says... all except the part about the giraffe.

Tomorrow, of course, I am headed to the ball. My gown has arrived. It fits and is VERY purpley and I think I need silver slippers to set it off.

I have generally eschewed the metallic shoes (sorry, couldn't help myself) in the past. But I think that in honor of one's first ball, the silver slippers are a must.

Maybe I will wear them out like one of the 12 dancing princesses. Or am I the only person who knows that story? Eh. Whatever.

The Princess has spoken.

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