Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Screw the Garage! Buy My Stuff!

I have always hated garage sales. My neighborhood has three neighbors that set up garage sales easily three time a year. The break out the same old tired crap sale after sale always hoping to sell off the load for big money.

It ain't happening.

In the meantime, I have girls who are lured by the siren call of new stuff. Cheap stuff... broken, nasty, dirty, grotesque stuff. Blech.

Naturally, like all people. I have excess stuff too.

But I have decided to post them on ebay. So instead of people walking through my yard and touching my stuff and eyeing the stuff that I am keeping, they can look at the stuff that I am will to sell them. And only that stuff.

I don't have to see them, hear them disparage or consider options to get me to lower the price of my stuff. It is all very neat and clean.

So, welcome to my virtual garage sale.

Now come buy my STUFF!!!!!!

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Chicka said...

What's your screen name? LOL!