Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silly me

La de dah... I meet so many celebrities that I forget to EVEN mention it.

Or I just got busy. Yelling at kids no doubt.

But back a couple of weeks I had the opportunity to Meet Josh Kelley. Superstar singer and spouse to the famous blonde cutie/gay icon Katherine Heigl.

But this was about Josh.

Fun Daddy works with a digital media company (not his main line of work but he started this company with some buddies) so when they do events I sometimes get invited.

He played a small set in the office and then was whisked away by his people to play the Hard Rock later that evening. Where was the gorgeous wife. They were robbed a day before.

See him here playing in the office in front of a collage of record albums culled from mine and Fun Daddy's record collection. Why did we offer them? We are the only people in the office that still HAD records. Why? We are old.

Also see Josh posing politely with the young, hip and attractive members of the office.

And then there is me. They had already started the company slide show (prospective clients are invited to these shin digs) (My Robert Palmer and Peter Gabriel albums)

Also in attendence was a very talented new comer who's name I don't recall at the moment as it is hot and humid this afternoon. I am sure some day I will be horrified that I couldn't recall his name and I will be banished (I always think of that word with an Elizabethan inflection ban-ish-Ed) from the universe.


aka_Monty said...

WOO! What a hothotHOTTIE! :) You so lucky. ♥♥

Shamelessly Sassy said...

Oh! Lucky! I would've licked his face!