Friday, August 08, 2008

And there is peace in the land

I woke up this morning realizing that Fun Daddy and FIL were on their way to Wisconsin to attend the Luxembourg American Cultural Conference. That means that I am in charge of my household today without interference.

Now why does this give me such glee?

Because no one argues (much) with Maman when she tells you to do something on these days.

I, unlike Fun Daddy, am able to withstand noise and hysterics without freaking the fuck out.

Yes, it is a little trick that I picked up as a girl.

So you know what? Lillith WILL read the book that she has been assigned for summer reading for school without any further disruptions. If she can't find it? She will work at it until she does! I will not help. It is HER responsibility.

Stories of why she must meet Drina at 11am will not be tolerated as I don't CARE.

And Imelda? Will be cleaning out her bedroom. AND vacuuming it too. Why? Because it is NASTY. Don't make me bring my camera down there and take pictures for My Kids Are Pigs...

and I will sit back and list to the silence of cooperation.

Maybe later we will make some Chinese food and watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies...

And sing Kumbaya... yeah, I can dream.

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