Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I am scared to fucking death.

I just finished watching Mitt Romney speaking. I think I am going to call it the Xcel Center Putsch...I am genuinely afraid for my children's future. "Islam is evil and must be defeated?" What is wrong with those fucking people who applauded. Isn't it possible that Muslims who came to America might have been escaping bad government and were glad to be here? And NOW THEY MUST BE DEFEATED?

And Rudy Guiliani? Drill Baby Drill? That isn't an energy policy you stupid hillbillies! You could empty every ounce of oil under our soil and still be dependent on Russia... 9/11! 9/11! Apparently that is all the Repubs have to work with... the Nativist idiocy that requires us to always be Number 1 on every issue at every moment..

And now Sarah Palin. This is a nightmare... watching that infant passed around like a prop and the daughter's lover in the box.

9:35 CDT: Is it just me, or does Track look a bit like he might vomit about being deployed next week

9:36 CDT: Great another genius who says childern...

9:37 CDT: Toss around the little mongoloid! Oh wait! Cindy might touch him again!

9:39 CDT: Her hot Yup'ik snow machine monster!

9:43 CDT: Community organizers are responsible for the people that the mayors can't help, bitch!

9:44 CDT: Haven't you been in office for five years? That seems kinda permanent when you are going for a gig that lasts 4 years

Would someone explain to hicks like Sarah that guns in a town of 6,000 are different from guns in a metropolis of 3 million. That Barack Obama recognizes the difference.. but you fucking hillbillies never seem to?

ALASKA ALWAYS HAS A SURPLUS! You didn't do that. And giving the citizens have traditonally gotten rebates from the State government.

9:50 CDT: You said no to the bridge to nowhere because someone asked you to contribute MORE to it.

Sweet Jeebus... I need more vodka

9:56 CDT: Where will they take that giant screen teevee that only shows places where there are no people?

Oh hell... I have to switch over to the Daily Show so I can restore some of my faith in humanity, if not America.

Oh goodie... Finally a decent argument! (and sorry for my bad paraphrasing!)

If living near Russia gives foreign policy experience.. Then by living near the North Pole, Sarah Pawlenty probably has an in with Santa!


Sizzle said...

That picture of Rudy? Perfect. He's such a douchebag.

Amy Short said...

I'm totally scared too! Heavy sigh.