Friday, September 26, 2008

What I like about helping out at school

You see the funniest things.

In a week where I have been obsessed with the nations financial crisis and a project that I am working on for VinoVerve...

I got to have a genuine laugh.

See, it is still the beginning of school and the kindergartners are still a bit clueless... They don't know where to sit at lunch. They can't open a milk carton. They lose their lunchboxes.

and then there is what I saw today.

A little boy who was wearing his zip up pants.... backwards...

I don't know how he managed all day. Did he not go to the bathroom earlier in the day? Did his Mama not notice? Luckily we found a lunch DAD. To straighten him out (so to speak).

Can you believe he lost his spiderman lunch box today too. Poor baby was having a bad day.

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