Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There was blood

Another day? Another trauma...

Today, I sliced my hand open. Cleaning the kitchen. Why do I fucking bother trying to clean?

Luckily while I was trying to decide if the cut was deep enough to get stitches or not, I was forced to come up with a way to close the wound.

Problem? I cut myself on a bendy place that will HAVE to move at some point or another before this gash is healed.

Problem? How do I secure said would and allow relative free movement.

Problem? Must do this all one handed as there is naturally no one home to assist me with this problem. (Nor may I spray blood all over the household in an effort to make the pain end, because in retrospect shaking a bleeding hand hither and yon without securing the bleeding portion is apt to cause a mess and/or incite panic in any poor schlob who encounters the bloodbath) ((this may or may not be an anecdotal incident from the past, but I guaran-fucking-tee that I was not the bleeder in the original story))

Solution? paper towel and Pre-wrap.

Hellz bellz! it is good that this crap is finally useful! And please kill me if I pass along further pre-wrap hairdo choices to the girls. Aunt Maggie! You know what I am talking about. All of those hair styles requires a side ponytail....


On the plus side the girls went after school to secure me actual medical supplies. Bisoux mes douce filles!

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Chicka said...

TJ works for 3M so we have that same stuff around the house all the time. It's great for making removable/reusable splints for owie fingers that get jammed while practicing weird stuff like...oh i don't know - Polish dance and TKD. It rocks out loud.

(Duct tape works well, but taking it off is hell if the wound isn't ready.)

I hope it's not so owie today.