Saturday, November 29, 2008

A belated birthday wish

I got a text message from Aunt Maggie yesterday reminding me to party hard for a perennial favorite for us University of Chicago geeks!

Yesterday was the 100th birthday (YES! He is still alive!) of Claude Lévi-Strauss.

I was lucky enough to never had to read M. Lévi-Strauss's works on the anthropology and mythology in a class that we referred to as "Self-Torture and Society" because I currently already torturing myself with Greek Thoughts and Literature. I was lucky enough to gain some insight into his work by staying up all night winter quarter typing Aunt Amy's paper likening Prom to Marriage which made some vague profound references to his work.

So, Happy Birthday, Claude Lévi-Strauss! And remember that you have had a lasting impact on U of C nerds everywhere!

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Aunt Maggie said...

LOL - good to know that my devotion to BBC radio has finally paid off. Happy Birthday Claude Levi-Strauss!