Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Love Means Not Always Having to Say I Like You

I live a life where I am the mother of two pre/teen daughters.

This means people are pushing limits. ALWAYS

How does that work itself out? Somedays I don't like my kids very much.

For instance, we aske the girls to do their own laundry. The rule is that you must plan ahead. Laundry done while others are trying to sleep is forbidden.

it is 10:40. Someone here is doing laundry.

Fun Daddy has gone to bed and has allegedly "approved" this violation of the rules. Do I believe this? FUCK YEAH! He would agree with anything she asked. He needs to agree with her because he views her as his wild and unrestrained side. The part he never let out. except in destructive chunks. Of course, the fact that she is judgemental, difficult, contrary, illogical, totally erroneous, unapologetic and disrespectful? Well that I just proof that I am not particularly tolerant. I should be praising her every small kindness. No matter how small.

My imperfection is the only excuse that anyone in my household can use for their behavior. Since I am not the Madonna; I have no right to expect ANYTHING from my daughter.

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