Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Play-Doh House!

Honestly, I rarely remember what I give out on Halloween year to year.

But I have learned that is NOT the case of the kids that come to my house...

Three little neighbor girls came to my door yesterday. They each wore identical blue and pink lame Wonder woman costumes. Two of them were jumping up and down overwhelmed with excitement... the third girl was my 15 months old.. barely able to stay on her feet.. and totally confused... but excited because her sisters were....

The mother looked at me sheepishly...

"Did you give out Play-Doh last year" she asked me embarrased. "Um... yeah I think I did", I finally said.

Apparently these toddlers have referred to my house as the Play-Doh house... FOR A YEAR.

And do I have Play Doh for them this year? Um... No.

I didn't realize anyone cared.

I turned to the big girl, who is all of 3 and said, "Sweetie, I couldn't find any Play-Doh this year... Is it ok if I give you candy?"

"OH YES!" she responded. Apparently she just remembered us kindly.

I watched as they thanked me and headed carefully down the stairs... Their baby sister had trouble thanking me and trying to walk backwards down the stairs at the same time... she was just excited to be there...

Do you think she will remember the house next year? and for what?

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Chicka said...

Forgot the PLAY DOH!! DOH!

(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)