Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't even

You know what I hate more than anything?

A sore loser.

"Oh baby, let's play Wii Tennis!"

Do I mind that means that I lose? No. I know that I am going to. I know know that it is inevitable. Why? Fun Daddy has figured out how to play Wii Tennis and was a Junior U.S. Open Player.

I accept my loss with dignity and accept every little victory that I can get as a plus.

And alll is good

What isn't good?

When we play Wii golf.

Neither of us have any experience. But I figured it out.

And he didn't

Did someone throw a fucking fit because he lost and because he couldn't figure it out?

Um, yeah.

Was it me?

Um, no.

Bite me asshat, that you couldn't figure out how this game worked and I did.

Why it ok that I lose and you win, but a problem when I win and you lose.


1 comment:

Poppy said...

I can't wait to NEVER loathe Dawg as much as you loathe FD. :)

Congratulations on figuring that effing game out. I suck at it, but I think it's hilarious when my ball hits the next country over.