Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dibs Season

Have I every mentioned the dibs system here in Chicago?

I might have, but I can't recall.. so here are the specifics.

After a major snowfall, those folks who avail themselves of street parking dig out their vehicles. So far this seems pretty normal right? When they move that vehicle they fill that shovelled out and now empty spot with some sort of household object in order to save it until their return. Thereby calling "dibs" on the parking spot. Or more like, "I dug this fucking spot out, you go dig out one of your own".

This system is not legal.

But it is "unofficially" recognized throughout the City. Hell, the Mayor even talks about it.

After a week or so (assuming that the snow doesn't melt) the City calls "Olly, Olly Oxen Free" to those still dibsing*, which basically means "Get your crap off the street already".

Now over the last couple of days we have had a substantial amount of snow. That combined with sub zero temperatures (we are expecting a high of -5o F... That is the ABSOLUTE temperature, mind you. If you want to count the wind chill factor? -30o. Take that you mild temperature loving peoples!)

So? Over the next couple of days, if you happen to see strange pictures here on this blog, of weird crap in the street, well, I guess you will know why.

* Please note, I totally made that word up. merci.


Aunt Maggie said...

I soooo don't miss that! Even after 2 years, every night I go home and just smile as I pull into the garage. What a treat!

Chicka said...

In our area, we'd just move people's shit and park there.

And if it's garbage day, we'd totally garbage pick the crap sitting there, assuming it's at the curb for the taking. Heh.