Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Graduation Picture Fight

Lillith and I are now engaged in the deathmatch that we are calling the Graduation Picture Fight.

Having been put off of this argument for the last six weeks, I am now engaged in this battle prepared to win.

Options off the list:

  • Animal prints
  • Sequins
  • Mini- ANYTHING
  • Anything that dips below her bosoms

Perhaps I am being a ball buster here, but I think that any picture that has to hang in my house for the rest of my natural life should at some point meet with my approval. Seeing my daughter dressed as a Ho is not going to do that. Also if I could avoid the Cleopatra makeup, I would appreciate that... Jesus, Elizabeth Taylor would look at this girl and say, "Baby, less is MORE".

I have thrown out a simple solution that has been rejected.

Black turtle neck and pearls.

Yeah, I suck. A classic look. But trust me you don't want to see what SHE is proposing. GAH!

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