Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Things that I learned this week

I am (according to the Today Show) part of a new demographic.

The Facebook Mom.

Whoo Hoo! Me! Ahead of the curve!

Since I have had my Facebook page for about two years now.... Originally I was on to monitor the comings and goings of Lillith and eventually Imelda. The rule was she had to add me as a friend. The same rule applied to MySpace, so I had a friend other than Tom.

Now of course, I have found friends and family and a community of wine lovers

(You read VinoVerve, don't you? You don't? Get over there. We are looking at wine everywhere... silly )

which I guess makes me a fully realized Facebooker. Now if I could just get my back yard chickens, my ahead-of-the-curvedness would be complete. Fun Daddy is being difficult about them.

The next thing that I learned surprises the heck out of me.

Even though my children treat me as if I am the most cruel and evil villain, it turns out that in reality.....

Get this....




You could have knocked me over with a feather when I figured THAT puppy out.

My girls bring their friends home when their friends have problems.

  • You got your period for the first time and are appalled about talking to your mother about it? I'll fix you up AND give your mom the heads up.
  • You have a secret boyfriend? I won't tell, but will encourage you to tell your mom (because it isn't that much of a surprise to your mom anyway when you are 13-14 in the first place). And for good measure, if you sneak away from the group to see said boy? I will bitch you out (because I love you) and explain WHY that was dangerous.
  • Need to confirm historical facts, but aren't sure because your parents don't know anything about it (because they were educated by communists who might have covered up that piece of history). I will fill you in!
  • I will tell you boys are stupid.
  • I will tell you to stop fighting over boys because their little heads don't really need or deserve to be over-inflated (this makes girls laugh...)
  • I will edit your English papers because you left them to the last minute and your folks aren't home to edit them for you.

All in all, I am beginning to think that I don't completely suck at this mothering thing after all...

And if you think that I am somehow deluding myself? Do me a factor. Just let me, mkay??


Aunt Maggie said...

O.k. is this were I get to say I TOLD YOU SO! I just want it officialy on the record that some of us that love and adore you have been telling you for years that you're good at this "mom thing". Now repeat after me: "I will actually believe Aunt Maggie when she tells me good things..."


Seriously, great job!

MMH said...

Love reading your blog again. Hope to see you this summer in Chicago for the blogher conference. I've already made reservations. Raising kids is tough business. I am glad mine are now all your age.