Thursday, February 26, 2009

There ain't no babies here no more

After a crazy weekend running around with girl and an entire day in a high school gym watching volleyball, we finally got a quiet day at home on Sunday.

As nature abhors a vaccuum, thus also teen girls abhor a quiet day at home. The requests started pouring in at about 1:00pm. (Which would be easier to deal with if they arose sometime before 11:00am) Now, I know that plenty of people have to go to the grocery store on the weekends. In fact, tons of people go right after church on Sunday. But as I am not currently employed in an extracurricular job, I don't have to. And for Kevin? Take him to grocery store at 3:30 pm any day. His head will explode. On the weekend? Global Thermo-Nuclear War.

Naturally, when Celia* asked to go to the store with her two page list, we gently declined her offer to purchase crap for her. (Plus her list was odd. Bronzer(this girl goes through so much bronzer she appears to be a blonde polynesian), Pantene, cantaloop (sic), Captain Crunch, Cranberry Grape Juice, granola bars, celery and blue cheese dressing)

Our refusal set the girl off on a tirade. Why? Why? "I NEED this stuff" A rant that lasted 45 minutes. Easily.

But soon quiet reigned.

And then I got the text message:

Sophie*: Mom, i need u 2 take me 2 jewel.

Me: No

Sophie: Mom i got IT!!!!! Please dont go around telling every1. (obviously I have blown that clause)

Sniff. My baby is a young woman now... She still doesn't want to talk about any of it. But there you go. Apparently she remembers the "talk" that I gave to her sister and her friend, Cate* when Cate was brought home to me (she was embarrassed to talk to her mom, but apparently not me). I am letting the "talk" slide for now. Though I am going to have to throw in little reminders (like stuff doesn't get flushed. or she should keep supplies in in her purse and backpack). But these messages will hold for a bit. Let's give her a chance to take it all in.

Sadly, after I helped her out? She spent the rest of the evening downstairs on the phone calling all of her girlfriends. She was the last of the big girls in her class to get hers. Apparently they have been waiting for her to join the club.

Me? I had no one to watch the Oscar Red Carpet with.... which was sad as she used to sit with me and make fun of the dresses. Kevin just doesn't have the skills... and I am tired of hearing about the time he saw Anne Hathaway's ass in person.

*Now that the girls are older, I have decided to abandon using pen names for them. They are on the internetz themselves and some of you have seen their presence on other social networking pages. Their friends, however, may still be listed as phony names. They aren't my kids. So I have no right to out them.


Chicka said...

Either Kasia has become bipolar, or this day is on its way for her, too...and soon.

Hold me!

Maman said...

You are probably good for a while. Soph started breaking out a bit recently and we wondered... a couple of weeks later? Bam!

Also she was insane earlier that Sunday.

Poor baby. It is hard for me to know why I am crazed... How could she possibly know?