Tuesday, November 17, 2009

News Chez Maman

As I alluded to on the Facebook yesterday (can it really be an allusion without a reference to mythology or the Bible?) there have been changes at my house.

The central of these changes is that I am now a working woman again..

I had been looking for a full time job to make Kevin feel more at ease after a disastrous year in the economy. This however seemed ridiculous as no one here can really afford to have me gone full time and frankly, jobs in my old field either don't exist or don't recognize me as qualified anymore.

So, I decided to look for something part time in an area that I am interested in: wine.

And I have found it. I am working in a wine shop that specializes in Champagne!

I love it, because it meshes with my other blogging efforts (aka VinoVerve) and because... well, it is Champagne! really, what could be more fun than that?

There are still adjustments going on here, and hopefully they will smooth out so I don't end up feeling like I am burning my candle at three different ends (like in the old days)


Chicka said...

Good for you! It'll do one of two things - make them realize how much they need you around and, thus, be more appreciative; or save your sanity. (Hoping for both actually.)

Poppy said...

YIPPY! That is SO exciting!!!