Sunday, December 27, 2009


What does this image have to do with my day?

Well, first. I got whacked in the head with it.

Second. I spent the day at Mayor Daley's Sports Fest! Yeah me!

The good news is that Sophie played well. She is the number one server on her team. After 8 seasons of volleyball in 4 years she has perfected her serve and it is pretty swell.

However, I was there at 7am. That means we left the house at 6:15. Which means that I am really tired. blah.

And I will go again tomorrow.

Same Bat Time. Same Bat Station. oy!

However this time, I will NOT be bringing big sis with us. She spent the day leaning on me due to exhaustion. She was up half the night watching crappy movies (The Hangover ("you really should see it Mom!) and probably ingesting substances that I have listed as off limits. (just guessing from the death look and the vomiting)). Not that she will be allowed to wander the earth like Kung Fu. She will be home writing a report for me about the Odyssey... or she will be home the rest of the vacation.


I am that Mom.


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