Friday, February 05, 2010

You Say Its Your Birthday!


You say its MY birthday.

And again, it has been a lovely day.

It began last night at 11:30, when Celia came up behind me, gave me a hug and a kiss and said, "Sorry, I am really tired. I can't wait any longer.. I need to go to bed".

"That's ok. Get some sleep," I told her... "You can wish me Happy Birthday when my 'real birthday' happens at 5:30 in the morning". She laughed and told me she would send me a text message.


I got one at 5:30am.

That was the beginning of my day.

Isn't that lovely?


Poppy said...

Awww! I am so glad you had a great birthday. :)

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Chicka said...

I wished you FB, but I"ll wish you again here even though it's over a week ago (because I am a slacker and haven't gotten around to checking many blogs lately). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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