Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Morning Coffee

I don't drink coffee.

Yet, every morning I go through the coffee wars.

"Mom can we stop for coffee?" = "Mom, go buy me coffee"

Sometimes, I do. But not often because a. I was not put on earth to buy you shit. b. We have a coffee maker c. We have coffee, half and half, sugar, carmel sauce, chocolate sauce, etc. d. Get up earlier and make your own.

This morning Celia made herself coffee. Apparently she hasn't made the coffee with beans before.

"Mom! We have to stop for coffee. There is something wrong with the coffeemaker" I looked at the pot she held up of warm tan water. "Sorry babe, you must have forgotten to do something".

She did it all right. So, I went over to the machine and checked it. Yep. She put the beans in the coffee maker all right. But not in the grinder. She put them into the brewing basket. Better yet? The basket was filled to the brim for 4 cups of coffee. Oy! She ran the grinder without beans in it.

So I loaded it up the grinder and start the coffee.

Then the cup wars began. Yes, my teenagers fought over cups like they were toddlers and they both wanted the blue sippy cup.

Then they argued over who was the owner of the three day old sausage biscuit (my rule of thumb is that the day that the meal was served there might be some ownership claim, the next day? forget it. And the third day? STFU. It belongs to the person who puts it into the microwave. I am just grateful it isn't taking up space in the fridge).

I went to the car and waited.

I don't have the energy or patience. I haven't had my tea yet. Not that anyone cares.

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