Friday, May 20, 2005

Hormones and the Sith

Kids and epics! Ahhh what a mixture.

We went to Episode III last night, courtesy of Aunt Maggie. She wanted to take the kids on opening day to the last Star Wars. Hubby and I got to go too. Aunt Maggie planned the total experience: Darth Vader helmets that made your voice change and light sabres. Kind of a kid's paradise, eh?

Well... not exactly.

That is because we are facing a force more terrifying than a galactic empire ruled by Palpatine.


Run! Hide your ewoks and your wookies! We were faced with the surliness of Anakin, the uncontrollable weeping of Padme and the unpredictability of R2D2. She didn't want to wear her helmet. She didn't want to carry the light sabre. She was horrified to find Aunt Maggie and I wearing the helmets and having a light sabre battle on the front porch. Oh, ok... that one I can see. Still, we were just having fun.

After the movie, the way home, I noticed her in the back seat playing with her helmet and whacking her sister with a light sabre. Ahhh, everything is back to normal, I thought. Then it struck me. OH NO... ITS HORMONES! So now here I am. With a daughter in puberty. I have to find a way to guide her through these choppy waters protecting her from parental urges to slap that obnoxious smirk off her face or to shake her until her teeth chatter. So for the time being, I am trying to repeat this mantra: "Estrogen, you will survive and so will she"

Or I can feed her to Jabba the Hut!


JooPita said...

I've got the answer: I wrote a very phat, very faux-pas, avant-garde novel fulla dry, sardonic satire: "La Mort Avoisinante: Faite Accompli". Big, boisterous, fulla bravado and ballistic beneLOVEnce. Relentless like gravity, gratuitous like glue. I fire with both barrels and come-out-swinging. Apart from collecting flug from the dryer, check with my mommy... -Sensei KK

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