Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dinner Redux


Yes, during the week dinner was something of a disaster. But dinner tonight? FAB!

Tonight, we went out to the Oasis in Noyac. Very tasty. Nice drinks of a certain heft. A nice Kiwi wine (only downside: screw top). A lovely steak... (ribeye... the steak-lovers cut), spinach, garlic mashed potatoes. Followed by strawberry rhubarb crisp and a Grand Marnier. Yummy.

Oh... and to make my evening, the Angel reported to me that the amazingly cute Australian (or New Zealander) waiter was flirting with me. I asked if this was a problem and she told me no, other than the fact that I was flirting back. I explained that I was married, not dead. However, I doubt that was the case. He was just being nice. I am including a picture of myself for the evening... you can all decide for yourself. But I am sure you will agree with me. Even if he did look like Jonathan Rhys-Meyers from Bend it Like Beckham.

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