Friday, September 02, 2005

Fratboy in Chief?

As if all the things going on in New Orleans are not bad enough, we are forced to listen to the drivel coming out of the mouths of our national leader!

The first insult this morning was the 3 minutes of pap that came from POTUS before he left Washington:

THE PRESIDENT: Secretary Chertoff and I just finished a meeting with Secretary Rumsfeld, General Myers, other members of my Cabinet, as well as General Honore, Admiral Keating, who is in charge of NORTHCOM -- General Honore who is our active duty general on the ground in Louisiana, as well -- and Mike Brown, who is the head of FEMA.

There's a lot of aid surging toward those who have been affected: millions of gallons of water, millions of tons of food. We're making progress about pulling people out of the Superdome. There's an issue right now at the convention center of New Orleans that General Honore briefed us on. We're trying to get food and medicine to the convention center. He's working with the governor, and the adjutant general, and the mayor, to deploy 600 of the newly arrived MPs to secure the site, so that the food and medicine and water can get in there.

A lot of people are working hard to help those who have been affected, and I want to thank the people for their efforts. The results are not acceptable. I'm headed down there right now. I'm looking forward to talking to the people on the ground. I want to assure the people of the affected areas and this country that we'll deploy the assets necessary to get the situation under control, to get the help to the people who have been affected, and that we're beginning long-term planning to help those who have been displaced, as well as long-term planning to help rebuild the communities that have been affected.

I'm looking forward to my trip down there, and looking forward to thanking those on the ground, and looking forward to assure people that we'll get on top of this situation and we're going to help people that need help.

Thank you.

END 9:04 A.M. EDT

I had a couple of thoughts on that idiotic speech...

a. TRYING to get food and water there? Gosh, there is no hurry or anything. People can only live without water for about 2-3 days. Take your time....

b. Making PROGRESS getting people out of the Superdome... Hummm, according to the news not in the last 24 hours at least.

c. The need for MPs probably came about because those people sat there watching people DIE for 24 hours. Any chance there might be a connection between panic and mob action? Is is logical? No... but mobs rarely behave rationally. Should the Feds know this... DUH.

d. The efforts of the Feds are "not acceptable"???? Boy, could we talk about the obvious a bit more? Why not say, the sun rises in the east? Hurricanes are big storms? The Feds can't get in to Superdome but Harry Connick, Jr. can? He must be using his super powers. Frankly, I was unaware he had any, but he is clearly more powerful then FEMA.

and now for my very favorite stupid thing to say....

"We're going to help people who need help" gosh, mighty white of you.

I can't figure out what the bigger tragedy is... Katrina or the stupidity of the Federal Government. Jeesh.

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